In your RV, space comes at an extreme premium, requiring you to be more creative and efficient as you attempt to pack more luxury and utility items for your upcoming trip. As veteran RV vacationers at HWY 98 RV park know, the key to successfully turning your RV into an organized luxury vehicle versus a cluttered shed on wheels.  Doing this involves remembering three things: surface space, edges, and the idea of using space for its unintended purposes.

1. Bedside table

Of course, a bedside table will not fit in your RV, but either you can prepare a fold-down table connected to the wall beside the bed, or you can attach a hanging caddy to the side of the bed.

2. Wall headboard

Perhaps the best way to organize your camper is to use the wall at the head of the bed. This surface area provides ample space for small shelves for books or other decorative knickknacks.

3. Elevated pantry

Hooks from the ceiling can support nested containers for spices, accessories, or other items you need for your range.

4. Shoe organizers

Shoe organizers help maximize space in the camper. If you attach them to a bathroom door, you can have easy access to shampoos or soaps.

5. Double tissue

In an RV, you do not want to run out of toilet paper so that you can hang a caddy or cloth bag from the original toilet paper rack. If you place another role in this container, you never run out.

6. Velcro

You cannot organize your camper without Velcro, and the best use for Velcro is for the remote control to ensure you do not leave it at a campsite or misplace it.

7. Loop corrals

Coat hangers can be snipped with a wire cutter. If you use needle-nose pliers to loop the ends, you can thread a screw through the loop and attach the screw to the wall above the countertops. Doing so creates a self-contained area where you can place small bottles or boxes that quickly become spread out across the entire counter.

8. Caddies

To organize your RV, you can hang a caddy strategically on the wall beside a bed, chair, or showerhead. Doing so creates space for sandwiches, canned soft drinks, or shampoos.

9. Magazine holders

Magazine holders can be tacked to the wall to hold all sorts of papers, agendas, or tickets. Because the holders are flat, they never get in the way.

10. Slide-out surface space

If you attach a storage container to drawer slides, you can create an efficient storage space easy to access.

11. Cutting board

A cutting board attached to the previous drawer slides will create a useful table extension.

12. Seat storage

To maximize space in the camper, you must use the area beneath your seat as it can provide an entire cubic foot of room for a storage bin.

13. Stair storage

Many RVs have pull-out steps that extend downward from the front door. The space in the step compartment can be fitted with small boxes for tools or other emergency accessories.

14. Cupboard conversion

You can line walls with magazine holders or a shoe holder for extra vertical storage space on the inside of your cupboard. If you use drawer slides, you can create a pull-out shelf or container.

15. Door edges

The edge of your bathroom door is the perfect place to hang over-the-door hooks. From the hooks, you can hang caddies or shelving.

16. Storage bins

Anyone at the HWY 98 RV park knows that storage bins are the quintessential RV add-on for DIY organizers. You can stack them in a closet for lightweight storage space that can quadruple the original space.

17. Foldable appliances

Anything such as ironing boards, chairs, or tables that can attach flat against a wall and fold down for use can provide functionality without getting in the way.

18. Nesting

Bowls that nest within one another are much more efficient kitchen accessories than have just one bowl with a single lid.

19. Balance your dishes on edge

You can install tension rods vertically within the space beneath your kitchen cabinet and the counter. If you space several rods four inches apart, you can create vertical space for plates or recipe books.

20. Fruit right from the netted tree

If you get a netted fruit bowl, you can hang it near the bed or kitchen table. Doing so ensures you always are close to fresh fruit for snacks or breakfast.

21. Magnets

Magnets with hooks can be used for cooking or grilling accessories, cups, or clothes caddies.

22. Tension rods

If you attach a tension rod to the inside of a closet, you can double or triple your closet area. If you span one across the entire bathroom, you can create a makeshift space for wet towels or clothes.

23. Stackable canisters

Canisters that stack are a much more efficient way to use vertical storage space on a counter or in a small closet.

24. Grippers

You can attach squeeze grippers along the wall as a conduit for loose wires.

25. Upside down wine glasses

For those special nights, a hanging wine rack can hold a bottle of wine. The glasses can fit in notches at the bottom of the rack.

26. Lid holders

On the inside of a closet door, you can attach notched tubes. Doing so will allow you to slide your pot lids into the notches, keeping clutter in drawers to a minimum.

27. Turntables

A table on a spindle can provide easily accessible storage on countertops.

28. Crush that laundry basket

A telescoping laundry basket is easy to store when not in use.

29. PVC Pipes

You can cut PVC pipes into three-inch or four-inch sections and then use Velcro to attach them to the wall above your sink. Doing so provides a sturdy holder for toothbrushes.

30. Pegboard

Finally, the best way to organize your RV is to attach a pegboard to the wall or on the inside of a door. Doing so will create a place for hooks or pegs that can support caddies or shelving.